Stopping Before I Start

“If you choose to write you will have to accept that you will always fall short, that you will come up against the boundaries of talent and perception, that you will always feel some profound truth lies just beyond your grasp.”

~Jack Todd

Jack Todd, has no idea who I am, or that the above quote may have been the permission that I’ve needed to just accept my shortcomings, inadequacies, frequent grammatical abuses and (pardon the over used iconic Nike phrase), “Just Do It”!  Just try, just write, just let the words flow.

I’ve been scrolling through WordPress, searching for snatches of inspiration, stimulation or mental provocation.  Inevitably, when I decide to write, make myself sit down, and carve out space….. You guessed it, a white screen with a flashing vertical slash stares back at me with a silent smirk as if to say, “Yep!  You’ve got nothing…”  It’s typical of me to close up shop, shut the lid on the lap top, tuck my proverbial writing tail between my lower limbs and walk away.  Not this time, I’ve decided to trudge forward into the trenches of written expressing, or at the very least continue to experiment with my love of words and their power to elucidate and give exposition.

The topic doesn’t matter exactly, whether it be human emotion, thought and reasoning or a shared love of poetry and soup, it’s connecting through a page or a screen that matters.  There’s something beautiful about the resounding, “me too” of a shared struggle or triumph, the finding of common understanding about trials that feel anything but common.

Embracing the notion that we all have something to share and that by sharing we contribute in big and small ways to those around us, I say let the written parceling begin.  This is my version of ‘entering the arena’ to borrow from Brene Brown.  It is my conscious choice to be brave in the face of knowing that I’ll fall short, but falling short is no longer a reason to keep quiet, or stopping before I start.



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